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  • Where is your Studio located?
    The Cake Smash Photography Home Studio is located in Clarkson Approximately 35kms north of Perth City Centre. As this is my home, the address will be provided upon completion of deposit.
  • When should I book in?
    I suggest booking in ASAP. I do book up fast, so to avoid dissapointment please book in 2-3 months prior. If you decide last minute that you would like to do a Cake Smash for your little ones birthday, please still fill out a Booking Request form and I will do my best to fit you in on the day you wish.
  • How long will it take for my Online Gallery to be complete?
    Edits take between 2-3 weeks - sometimes a little longer depending on how busy I am. Please remember this when booking your shoot. If you wish to have the photos on your little ones birthday, book 3 weeks in advance to allow for edits and time for you to go print the images. **If you wish to have your online gallery complete in 1 - 2 days, you can pay $50 to have them rush edited. Please select this option from the drop down menu when booking** At the end of each Cake Smash I will give you the option to have a Facebook Sneak Peek - If you agree to this I will happily release a "sneak peak" to Facebook as quickly as a day or two after the session. Once you receive your online gallery, it will be accessible for 3 months. This gives you plenty of time to download and store somewhere safe. After 3 months, the link will expire. Cake Smash Photography cannot be held responsible for lost photos.
  • My child has dietary requirements, are your cake's safe?
    Unfortunately I do not provide Dietry specific Cakes so you will need to bring one along. Your Cake doesnt need to be fancy- after all it will end up a pile of crumbs by the end of the shoot. PLEASE put your little ones health first. If you are bringing your own cake, $10 will be discounted from your package price.
  • What cake is included in your Cake Smash packages?
    A giant cupcake/Naked Cake is included at no extra charge in the Sweet ($400) and Deluxe ($450) Cake Smash packages.
  • I cant decide on a backdrop/colour or theme for my little ones Cake Smash. When do I have to let you know?
    I need to know your final decision a minimum of 2 weeks before the shoot. This is so that I can have everything setup and ready to go on the day. My backdrops can be found on the backdrop link found on the website. Alternitively you can visit to see examples of the backdrops/setups recently used. If you have a particular "theme" in mind, please contact me ASAP to discuss your ideas- I love creating new sets, but need plenty of time to prepare!!
  • How many people can come to the Cake Smash Shoot?
    I ask that only two adults accompany the Cake Smasher on the day of the shoot. If there is a sibling, they may also attend. The space is very small, and too many people in a small space can become very distracting for both myself and your little one. I aim to provide the best images possible, and want your littles ones full attention on the day so PLEASE stick to the 2 adult rule. Your family will be able to enjoy the photos once they are complete.
  • What should I bring to the shoot and how should I prepare for the day of the Cake Smash?
    This is super simple! You just need to remember a towel, the remaining balance, the Cake Smasher and be prepared for one heck of a mess!!! *bringing a change of clothes for yourself is also a great idea- just incase you end up with lots of messy cuddles throughout the session!
  • What happens if my child has a scratch or bruise on the day of their shoot?
    All images undergo an extensive retouching process and all imperfections are routinely removed! Dribble, snot etc will also be removed- so dont stress during the shoot if you see a little booger!!
  • Do you do Family Photos?
    If you select the Deluxe Package you will be given the opportunity to have a couple of family photos taken on my white seamless backdrop. These are basic images, but are a great way to remember the day. If you would like Family Photos have a look at my "Timeless Sessions" or my "Outdoor Family Sessions"
  • How are the final images selected?
    This depends on the package you select. If you choose the Sweet package, I will personally select the best 15 images and have them available for download on your Online Gallery. If you choose the Deluxe package, you will receive a gallery of images. From there you can choose your favourite 25 images to download or can purchase the full gallery for an additional $50.
  • How do I print my images?
    You will receive an Online Gallery link and password, from there you can download as many times, and to as many devices as you wish. You can save your downloaded files to a USB or disk and can print where ever you wish. I suggest printing at places like Officeworks, Harvy Norman or proper Print Labs- try to stick away from the big chain retail shops as their print quality just isnt all that amazing. **PLEASE download your images as soon as you get them and store them somewhere safe. After 3 months your online gallery will expire and you will need to pay $25 for file retrival.***
  • What happens if my child is sick on the day of the shoot?
    I am happy to offer one free re-schedule of the session. Please, contact Cake Smash Photography as soon as you find out you’re unable to attend the session.
  • How long will my gallery be available after I receive the link?
    After receiving your Cake Smash Gallery make sure to download your images and save them to a safe place. Your gallery will disappear after 3 months. Make sure to save them in multiple locations - Hard Drive, Computer, Tablet, USB, Phone and PRINT!!! If you fail to do so; I keep a backup for 1 year post session. File retrieval during this time period will occur a $50 fee. Images will be purged after a year to make room for new galleries.
  • My little one wasn't in the best mood..could we do a re-shoot?
    Re-shoots are determined at the discretion of the photographer. Re-shoots and refunds will not be given for child's behaviour, poor choices of clothing, hair, or by not following the recommendations of the photographer. Once the Cake Smash begins, there will be no refunds due to the mood of the child.
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